We’ve come a long way since the initial introduction of breast implants. Today’s new implants include numerous different saline and silicone gel filled options. In addition to implants, autologous fat injections – also known as fat grafting, fat transfer or lipoinjection – offer a complementary procedure or may be used as a natural alternative in some patients who wish to increase their bust line.

Other than sheer size or volume of implants, here are a number of alternatives to ponder when contemplating breast augmentation:

  • Saline filled or silicone gel filled breast implants?
  • Silicone gel or highly cohesive silicone gel (“gummy bear”) breast implants?
  • Breast implants with smooth shell or textured shell?
  • Low, medium or high profile (projection) breast implants?
  • Round or anatomically shaped breast implants?
  • Subpectoral (under the muscle) or subglandular (under the breast) location?
  • Incision under the breast, around the nipple, or in the underarm?

Autologous fat injections to the breast, initially begun in the 1980’s and previously approached with caution, have become an increasingly accepted procedure. This technique, also used for decades for facial rejuvenation, involves removing fat from one part of the body with a procedure similar to liposuction and injecting it into another. When considered in breast augmentation, there were early concerns over possible difficulties in mammogram interpretation due to potential side effects of the technique, such as cysts, calcifications and scarring. Recent advances in radiologic equipment, including digital mammography to evaluate dense breast tissue, have facilitated distinguishing between changes due to breast cancer and those secondary to surgery on the breasts. Fat grafting may be used to soften the appearance of breast implants, hide visible rippling and enhance breast shape. Alternatively, for small increases in breast size it may be used in lieu of implants altogether.

Dr. Olivia Hutchinson is a board certified female plastic surgeon in NYC with a practice dedicated to aesthetic plastic surgery. Her office off Park Avenue on Manhattan’s Upper East Side is equipped with a fully certified AAAASF Operating Room for the safety, privacy and convenience of her patients. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Hutchinson, please contact us or call us at (212) 452-1400.

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