Why Men Choose Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic procedures are increasingly being sought out by men who want to improve the way they look. Both surgical and nonsurgical options for facial rejuvenation are popular. Many men in NYC are professionals and work with others in an office based setting — and therefore want to look their absolute best. It’s also about looking as good as you feel.    

What Can Cosmetic Procedures for Men Address?

  • Loose, sagging facial skin
  • Flattened cheekbones and sallow appearance
  • Droopy brows and/or eyelids
  • Under eye bags and wrinkled skin under the eyes
  • Prominent nasolabial folds 
  • Jowls and excess skin in the lower face
  • Loss of jawline definition
  • Excess fat and skin in the neck

Fantastic plastic surgeon! I am absolutely thrilled with my entire experience with Dr. Hutchinson and her office staff. I had my upper and lower eyelids done to get rid of the bags under my eyes and my fix my droopy upper lids, so I now look years younger. 

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Eyelid Lift

Often the eyelids are the first area of the face that betrays a man’s age, as excess skin and fatty deposits in the upper or lower eyelids can produce a tired, worn appearance.

Surgical correction with an eyelid lift (blepharoplasty) results in a younger, more refreshed look. This surgery involves imperceptible scars and produces an immediate improvement in appearance by eliminating under eye bags and smoothing out the skin around the eyes.

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For many men, the neck is a primary area of concern. There are multiple factors that may contribute to a less attractive or older looking neck. In some, the only problem is localized submental fat (which is fat that is limited to the area under the chin). This creates a puffy or heavy appearance and an indistinct jawline contour. 

For these patients, a limited incision procedure called microsuction removes the fat from under the skin and also achieves skin tightening. In addition, jowls in the lower face can be corrected with microsuction. 

This surgery uses tiny incisions placed under the chin and under each earlobe. Recovery requires minimal downtime, and results continue to improve over several weeks after surgery.

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Neck Lift

In some men, both skin excess and fat deposits in the neck need to be corrected. Loose, excess, droopy skin of the neck is referred to as a “turkey neck” or “turkey wattle”. A heavy neck can also be due to excess fat deposits under the skin, which can create a double chin, obscure the jawline, and contribute to an aged appearance. Muscle laxity in the neck can also show as bands which may also contribute to an aged look. A sharp angle between the jaw and neck and smooth, tight skin in the neck can both be restored with a neck lift, which will produce a more youthful overall appearance to the face.  This surgery involves an incision that only extends around the earlobe and into the hairline behind the ear.

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When the tissues of the entire face — including the cheek area, jowls, and neck — all need to be lifted and tightened, a full facelift may be the ideal option. This surgery repositions tissues and removes excess skin and may be combined with fat grafting to restore volume. The overall result is smoother, tighter skin, and a refreshed, younger looking face. The incision is similar to a neck lift incision and continues in front of the ear and into the sideburn area.

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Surgical Details

Microsuction, a neck lift, and a facelift are usually performed under local anesthesia with intravenous sedation in the operating room. After an initial period of bruising and swelling of several days, the result quickly becomes apparent. Sutures and surgical clips are removed within 1-2 weeks after surgery.

Which Procedure is Right for Me?

During your consultation with Dr. Hutchinson, she will discuss all surgical and non-surgical options with you in order to determine which single procedure or combination of procedures would be best suited to produce the results you want.

Additional surgeries include include brow lift to enhance eyelid rejuvenation, rhinoplasty to improve the appearance of the nose, and chin implants to increase jaw prominence. Noninvasive options include BOTOX®, fillers, Kybella® fat dissolution, and facial resurfacing.

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Why Choose Dr. Hutchinson?

Setting the highest standards for an outstanding patient experience, Dr. Olivia Hutchinson seeks to exceed her patients’ expectations, providing an extraordinary level of care for each individual patient. 

She is a board certified aesthetic plastic surgeon who has been delivering the very best care to patients on Manhattan’s Upper East Side for over 2 decades. Dr. Hutchinson is dedicated to producing safe, effective, natural looking, and long lasting results, with the shortest scars and quickest recovery. To book your consultation, we invite you to contact us online or call us at (212) 452-1400.

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