Olivia Hutchinson, MD: A Top Breast Implant Replacement Surgeon on NYC’s Upper East Side

For patients who choose to improve upon their breast augmentation results, there are a number of different plastic surgery procedures that can help them. Improved results can be accomplished in some cases with new devices or with fat transfer injections once the implants are removed. During your consultation with Dr. Olivia Hutchinson, widely recognized as a top breast implant replacement surgeon in Manhattan, she will explain which technique will be best for your unique needs. 

Breast Implant Replacement Indications

  • Patient desire to change the size, shape, or type of implant
  • Changes in breast shape affecting implant position relative to overlying breast tissue 
  • Breast implant rupture, leakage, or deflation
  • Breast implant malposition or displacement 
  • Capsular contracture resulting in pain and/or distortion of the breast
  • Palpable, rippled, folded, or wrinkled breast implants
  • Breast asymmetry due to implants

What Types of Procedures are Involved in Breast Implant Replacement?

As one of the best breast implant replacement surgeons in NYC, Dr. Olivia Hutchinson provides detailed patient evaluations and offers cosmetic surgery options for patients who are considering changing their breast implants to better suit their goals.

Breast implant replacement may entail any number of procedures, including: 

  • Changing the size of the implants
  • Changing the type of implants (saline or silicone, smooth, or textured)
  • Changing placement (under the breast or under the muscle) of the implants 
  • Adjusting the capsule around the breast implants (either repositioning or removing part/all of the capsule)

I couldn’t be more pleased with my surgeon and my surgery! Dr. Hutchinson is a very special surgeon. She is talented and caring and was wonderful before, during, and after my surgery. She explained everything and made me feel great about my decision. I am thrilled with my results.


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Breast Implant Replacement with Fat Transfer 

In certain patients, one of the best options after breast implant removal options is fat transfer, which is designed to correct minor irregularities, provide additional breast volume or to create coverage of visible or palpable implants. 

Also called autologous fat grafts, fat injections involve harvesting unwanted, excess fat from a donor area of the body, such as the abdomen, thighs,  or buttocks. Once the fat is purified, it is then injected into the breasts to produce natural looking enhancement and contouring.

What Sets Dr. Hutchinson and Her Team Apart?

Utmost Trustworthiness and Honesty

Dr. Hutchinson is known for her integrity and transparency. She empowers patients to make the best decisions for their overall health, happiness, and well being.

Outstanding Skill

With thousands of surgeries performed, Dr. Hutchinson has perfected her operating skills and is able to safely and artfully perform any complex, detailed aesthetic procedure.

Extensive Knowledge and Experience

As a Fellowship trained, board certified plastic surgeon who has been educated at both Harvard and Columbia, Dr. Hutchinson exemplifies excellence. 

Astute Judgment

From developing the ideal treatment plan for each patient to managing any unforeseen operating room situations, Dr. Hutchinson reflects incredible judgment. 

High End Concierge Services

With Dr. Hutchinson’s unique concierge plastic surgery services, patients find an extra level of privacy, convenience, and security. These services include maximum discretion; assistance with presurgical medical clearance orders; unlimited pre and post operative appointments for one year; after hours and weekend scheduling as needed, and much more.  

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Where Does Dr. Hutchinson Perform Breast Implant Replacement?

Dr. Hutchinson performs all surgery either in her fully AAAASF accredited operating room at her Upper East Side office or at one of her affiliated NYC hospitals. Every member of our staff is dedicated to promoting your well-being and maintaining the highest standards of care. We are here to ensure that you have the best breast implant replacement experience possible. 

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Dr. Olivia Hutchinson: Recognized as a Top Breast Implant Replacement Surgeon

Cosmetic breast surgery is one of Dr. Olivia Hutchinson’s primary areas of focus at her Upper East Side practice. Recognized as a top breast implant replacement surgeon in NYC, Dr. Hutchinson strives to exceed expectations and provide the highest level of care for each individual patient. A diplomate of the American Board of Plastic Surgery, she adheres to the highest standards of quality and care in aesthetic surgery. With her extensive experience and skills, Dr. Hutchinson delivers safe, effective, natural-looking, and long-lasting results. If you’re interested in replacing your breast implants and are looking for the best plastic surgeon for this procedure, call us at 212.45.1400 or contact us online to book your consultation today.

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