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Considered to be a top breast revision surgeon on NYC’s Upper East Side, Dr. Olivia Hutchinson provides evaluations and consultations for patients who have already undergone breast surgery and are seeking to improve upon their results. Breast revision  may involve any number of procedures, including changing the size, type (saline or silicone, smooth or textured,) or placement (under the breast or under the muscle) of the implants. In some cases, implants may be removed altogether, or additional surgery may be recommended. 

Love Your Breasts Again

Often a woman’s breasts will change with time due to many factors such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, and regular aging — with the normal changes in skin quality, breast shape, and relative composition of gland tissue and fat. This can cause issues with previously placed breast implants, or problems may arise on their own. It is Dr. Hutchinson’s goal to help you love your breasts once again. By removing, repositioning, or replacing previous breast implants, she can address issues such as displacement, deflation, rippling, capsular contracture, and other patient concerns.

Dr. Hutchinson: Considered a Top Breast Revision Surgeon in New York City

A board certified surgeon who is trained in both aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, Dr. Hutchinson is also one of the top breast revision surgeons on NYC’s Upper East Side, with breast procedures as a primary area of focus. 

With an educational background at Harvard and Columbia, she has proudly served been in private practice on Manhattan’s Upper East Side and beyond for over two decades, helping her to become recognized as one of the best breast revision surgeons in the city.

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Dr. Hutchinson is a terrific plastic surgeon! I did a lot of research and I’m very happy I decided to go with her. She focuses on getting a natural, classy result, which is what I wanted. She seemed to genuinely care about her patients and explained much more clearly than other doctors what to expect about the procedure, recovery, potential complications, etc. I would definitely recommend her highly.


Revision Breast Reduction

While a breast reduction can be an incredibly satisfying procedure when done well, some patients find themselves unhappy with their results. This may be due to the new size, asymmetry, or other problems. This can happen due to the surgeon or weight gain/loss. When performed by a skilled and experienced breast surgeon such as Dr. Hutchinson, secondary breast reduction surgery is very rewarding. 

Revision Breast Lift

Because changes (such as breast size, skin quality, weight loss/gain, and pregnancy) can continue to impact the breasts over time, sometimes a secondary procedure is needed. A secondary breast lift is typically less extensive than the first surgery, and reshapes the breast tissues to improve firmness and contour. Typically the nipple position remains and the sagging skin is lifted from the bottom of the breast. 

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Common Reasons for Breast Implant Revision

Although the vast majority of women are happy with the results from their breast augmentation, there may be an indication for reoperation or revision at some point in the future. By removing, repositioning, or replacing previous breast implants, Dr. Hutchinson can address implant related issues such as malposition, deflation or rupture; visibility and rippling; hardening or distortion of the breasts due to capsular contracture; and other problematic outcomes.

Change of Breast Implant Size 

Women may wish to change to a larger or smaller implant based on individual characteristics and preferences.

With time and hormonal influences, a woman’s breasts may change in size, shape, and degree of droopiness (“ptosis”), and consequently, the implants that were initially placed at the time of her primary breast augmentation may no longer fit the patient’s ideal image. Because of this, women may choose to replace their original implants with new implants of a different size.

Change of Breast Implant Type 

Breast implants have been used in women for decades, but the latest generation of devices represents the newest, most advanced, and safest implants, with the lowest risks of complications. Because of these new scientific advancements, some women may want to change from saline filled to silicone gel filled implants; from round to shaped implants; from silicone gel to highly cohesive (“gummy bear”) implants; or from silicone to saline filled Structured IDEAL® implants. Some of the newest silicone gel implants have a greater fill-to-implant ratio and create more projection than the traditional implants with less silicone gel fill.

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Correction of Implant Problems

Even though the majority of women love their breast implants, on occasion problems may unexpectedly arise over the course of their lifetime. Regarded a top breast revision surgeon, Dr. Hutchinson will evaluate possible options to correct these issues, which can include:

  • Breast implant rupture, leakage, or deflation
  • Breast implant malposition or displacement (up, down, to the side, or towards the middle of the chest)
  • Capsular contracture resulting in pain in the breast and/or distortion of the breast
  • Breast implant becomes palpable or visible (rippling, folding, or wrinkling)
  • Breast asymmetry (unequal appearance of the breasts)
  • Unsightly or widened scars
  • Nipple or areola enlargement, distortion, asymmetry, or irregularity

Removal of Breast Implants

Some women may decide that they no longer want to have breast implants of any kind. In these patients, breast implant removal can be performed, although in some cases, a secondary procedure such as a breast lift may be necessary to produce the best aesthetic results. Recognized as a top breast revision plastic surgeon, Dr. Hutchinson can successfully remove breast implants and create natural looking breasts without using implants.

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Additional Procedures When Changing or Removing Implants

During your consultation with Dr. Hutchinson, she will discuss the best breast revision options for you with your specific aesthetic goals in mind.


Dr. Hutchinson can perform surgery on the capsule — the soft envelope that forms around breast implants — with either suturing or removing part or all of the capsule.

Fat Injections

Fat transfer to the breasts may be performed using the patient’s own fat to correct minor irregularities or contour deformities, to increase overall breast volume; or to create coverage of visible or palpable implants.

Breast Lift

As the breasts may lose volume and sag over time, the previously placed implants may no longer be in the proper position relative to the breast tissue. In these cases, a breast lift may be recommended.

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Choose the Best Breast Revision Experience with Dr. Hutchinson

Dr. Olivia Hutchinson is a board certified surgeon trained in both aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery. Setting the highest standards for quality, care, and results, she provides high-end services with an exceptional level of skill and good judgment. She has been serving Manhattan’s Upper East Side for 20 years and also sees patients from all over the world. If you’re interested in the best breast revision experience possible, please contact us online or call us at (212) 452-1400.

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