Treating Scars of Every Kind

Almost everyone has at least one scar somewhere on their body, including scars from burns, trauma, surgery, etc. For many individuals, this is a cause of aesthetic concern, and they seek treatment to lessen the scar’s visibility. 

What Kinds of Scars are There?

  • Acne Scarring: Develops after severe acne and can become pitted
  • Contracture Scarring: Typically develops after skin burns
  • Keloid Scarring: A raised, dark scar that extends beyond the borders of the injury 
  • Hypertrophic Scarring: A raised, red scar that is confined to the area of injury
  • Atrophic Scarring: Scars that are indented into the skin and occur after trauma, such as chickenpox or lesion removal

How Dr. Hutchinson Approaches Scar Revision

In order to best treat your specific scar(s,) there are several steps that Dr. Hutchinson will take.

  • Evaluate your scar
  • Examine how severe it/they are
  • Discuss options for treatment 
  • Develop a specific treatment plan 

Treatment for Scars 

Skin Resurfacing 

Dr. Hutchinson performs skin repair and skin resurfacing using microneedling with platelet-rich plasma. This procedure triggers the production of collagen and can greatly improve the unsightly appearance of scarring. 

Dermal Fillers and Fat injections

Sometimes dermal fillers or fat injections may suffice to improve the appearance of scars. Fillers such as Juvéderm® and Restylane® may achieve excellent results by reducing the visibility of indented or depressed scarring. 

Scar Revision Surgery

If skin resurfacing or dermal fillers are not sufficient to improve your scar(s,) revision surgery may be needed. In this procedure, the scar is removed as a whole, and the surrounding skin is closed using special plastic surgery techniques. Because this is a surgical procedure, a new scar will be left behind; however, it will be less noticeable and better camouflaged.

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I was a patient of Dr. Hutchinson’s…she was amazing. She is kind, caring, honest, and very knowledgeable. She took her time with me. My consultation was not rushed. She was very clear, honest, and open with me. She did not talk AT me, which is common with some doctors. She made sure I did not leave her office before hearing all my options. She made me feel very comfortable; she sensed my nervousness and she was very helpful. She gave me all her attention. Her staff members were just as amazing and very helpful. They answered all of my questions, no matter how silly they may have been. I highly recommend Dr. Hutchinson. 

Liz N.

Why Choose Dr. Hutchinson?

Dr. Olivia Hutchinson brings trustworthiness, knowledge, experience, skill, and astute judgment to every patient and procedure. She is a board certified aesthetic plastic surgeon who has been delivering superb results to the patients of Manhattan and all over the world for over two decades. Dr. Hutchinson seeks to exceed her patients’ expectations, providing the highest level of care and safety. Patients are seen in an elegant, quiet, and unhurried ambiance and Dr. Hutchinson’s concierge services offer an extra level of convenience and privacy. If you would like to find out more about how Dr. Hutchinson can improve the appearance of your scar(s,) contact us online or call us at (212) 452-1400.

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