What Can a Lip Lift Accomplish?

A lip lift makes the lips more shapely and attractive by giving them a fuller appearance. By lifting the upper lip to shorten it and reveal more of the pink underside, a more sensual and youthful aesthetic is achieved. The surgical plan for a lip lift can be customized to meet the individual needs of each unique patient.  

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How a Lip Lift Works

A small area of skin is removed just underneath the nose, which shortens the central portion of the lip called the philtrum. This subtly elevates the upper lip, causing it to appear fuller in a very natural way. This type of enhancement may be preferred by some patients over dermal fillers, which need to be repeated and also introduce foreign substances into the body.

Lip Lift Procedure Details

Our fully AAAASF accredited operating room is staffed with board certified anesthesiologists and registered nurses. A lip lift is usually performed with the patient under IV sedation anesthesia and takes approximately one hour.

Dr. Hutchinson will make an incision just along the base of the nose, where it will be barely visible once it has healed. She will then lift the skin, causing the entire length of the upper lip to subtly rise.

The result is a fuller, poutier, more attractive upper lip appearance Dr. Hutchinson will then meticulously close the incision with very fine sutures.


A lip lift requires about one week of recovery. The sutures are removed in 5-7 days. 

Be very careful of your stitches while the area is healing, and avoid making “big” expressions with your lips that might impact healing, such as laughing widely, yawning, or yelling. Incisions typically take several weeks to heal, and any swelling should gradually resolve.

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How is a lip lift different from a lip augmentation?

Are there any side effects?

How is a lip lift different from a lip augmentation?

The biggest difference between a lip lift and a lip augmentation is that a lip lift doesn’t actually make the lips larger — it just makes the top lift appear fuller. Lip augmentation enlarges the lips through the use of fillers or fat grafting to the lips.

Are there any side effects?

Some patients have side effects from a lip lift. These are all temporary and may include swelling, bruising, redness, tightness, and a pulling sensation at the mouth.

Why Choose Dr. Hutchinson?

Dr. Hutchinson is a Fellowship educated, board certified plastic surgeon who trained at among the most prestigious institutions in the country, including Harvard and Columbia. For over two decades, she has brought an elevated level of skill and expertise along with a sophisticated sense of artistry to every procedure she performs. Dr. Hutchinson is especially sought out by patients on the Upper East Side and from all over the world who seek the expertise and insight offered by a female plastic surgeon. Patients are seen in an elegant, quiet, and unhurried ambiance where they enjoy the ultimate in high-end services and privacy. Every member of our staff is dedicated to promoting your well-being and maintaining the highest standards of care. If you’re interested in a lip lift with Dr. Hutchinson, contact us online or call us at (212) 452-1400.

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