See You In September!

It may not feel like it, as this last blast of summer heat blazes through New York City, but now that Labor Day has passed we have entered upon the unofficial start of fall. Hopefully we’ve all had a chance to enjoy some rest and relaxation, and are now back on track with activities, schools,Read More

Newest Beauty Benefit of Botox®: Better Skin

Botox® has been used by aesthetic plastic surgeons and dermatologists for decades to lessen the appearance of wrinkles on the face. The effects, although temporary and lasting only 3 to 4 months, are noticeable and result in a more youthful appearance. The product is used on facial muscles under the skin, reducing their contraction andRead More

Fat Is Fabulous: Antiaging Uses and Benefits

One of the first areas on our faces we notice the signs of aging is around our cheeks. With time, we lose the fullness and roundness that characterize a youthful face. Our midface becomes flatter, less curved, our skin becomes thinner and sags, fine wrinkles form around our lower eyelids and our laugh lines becomeRead More

Silicone Breast Implants and ALCL: Recommendations in France

Millions of women around the world have undergone breast augmentation surgery with saline and silicone implants. The currently available implants in the USA are safe and FDA approved. A very rare form of cancer, anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL), is a type of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and has been found infrequently in women with breast implants. InRead More

New Options For Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation has been available for women for decades, and today we have even more breast implant options to consider than ever. Both saline and silicone gel may be used as filling material, and implants which were traditionally round also come anatomically or tear drop shaped to match the natural shape of the breast. OtherRead More

Recovering from Surgery: Best Outcome

As with any other surgery, there are numerous factors which can potentially impact the ultimate result of cosmetic plastic surgery. Ensuring the best outcome involves adequate preparation, avoidance of risk and appropriate management after surgery. A recent scientific journal article addresses the immune system’s response to surgery, and corroborates the fact that it is an intrinsicRead More

Plastic Surgery for Men in Higher Demand

Men are increasingly seeking to improve their appearance and maintain a youthful look as they age, and statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons confirm this trend. In keeping with taking care of themselves with proper diet, regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle, many men are also complementing their daily routine with skin careRead More

Breast Augmentation: More Than Bra Size

So many choices, so much to consider. Breast augmentation offers women the possibility to increase their bust size, improve their appearance, and feel better about themselves. Potential benefits account for the popularity of the procedure in New York City, and explain why so many women are very happy with their results. As with any surgicalRead More

Non Invasive Fat Reduction: Fact and Fiction

Despite the extreme cold spell we’re experiencing, spring will soon be upon us. With the warmer weather come fewer layers and lighter wardrobe. Women and men are both apt to once again pay attention to some areas of their body that they would like to look better. Target areas for women include the belly, flanks,Read More

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