Nipple and Areola Surgery

Plastic surgery on the nipple and areola – the pigmented tissue around the nipple – may be performed at the time of breast augmentation, breast lift, or breast reduction surgery. The two most common aesthetic plastic surgery procedures on the nipple are:

  • Inverted nipple correction
  • Nipple reduction

Inverted nipples may occur on one or both breasts, and are the result of shortening or tightening of the ducts that run within the nipple. The condition can be classified according to severity, from mild cases in which there is minimal inversion and the nipples are still capable of becoming erect in response to stimulation, to severe cases where the nipples remain retracted despite stimuli such as touch or cold.

Plastic surgery to correct inverted nipples involves a small incision across the base of the nipple, releasing the duct contraction, and suturing the nipples in a normal, everted or erect position. When done concurrently with other breast procedures, there is no significant additional down time or recovery necessary. If done independently, it can be carried out under local anaesthesia alone or using only minimal sedation.

In women, the areolae may occasionally be enlarged or misshapen. This may be a normal congenital variant, or result from overall breast enlargement or pregnancy, or as a results of prior breast surgery. Either one or both areaolae may be affected, and plastic surgery to improve the appearance of the areola may be performed on either one or both breasts.

Areola reduction is possible during concurrent breast enhancement procedures, such as breast lift, breast augmentation, and breast reduction surgery. In these cases, it may be performed using the incisions necessary for the breast enhancement procedure. Plastic surgery on the areola may also be performed uniquely as a separate procedure, in which case it most often requires a periareolar or circumareolar incision, circumferentially around the scar, producing a circular scar around the periphery. When performed on its own without additional breast enhancement procedures, areola reduction only requires local anaesthesia, although sedation may be administered for patient comfort. Results are immediate and recovery usually requires minimal downtime.

Dr. Hutchinson often performs nipple correction surgery and aesthetic areola surgery either alone or in conjunction with aesthetic breast surgery. She will discuss the various options available for nipple and areola surgery and determine which surgical plan offers the best possible results for you.

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